Advanced Hypnotists

Profound Association for Advanced Hypnotists

Our goal is to support and provide credit to all gifted hypnotists around the world.

All members have demonstrated a high degree of competence in person or through video, where they have been reviewed based on their skill.

Become a member of a fast growing association. To us skill is the most important part when considering new memberships. Although education and learning in the field of hypnosis is important and contributing to our consideration, we place more value on our member’s competence, and just because a person is already a member of other major hypnosis organizations, they may not be accepted.

If you have 400 hours of teaching, but can not demonstrate your skills, you will not be accepted. There would be a greater chance for a self-taught person with a high level of skill to be accepted as member. We only have to look at all the great hypnotists over the decades who has contributed a lot to the community etc. – Many of them were self-taught, and all of them contributed to the community with their own ideas and concepts.

The association exists both for those who have had countless hours of training, who wants to be measured on skill instead of hours, but also gifted, talented, passionate people, who may not have had the opportunity to take much education.

It’s easy to apply for membership.

1 – Complete the application + 100 words of hypnosis text.
2 – Send us a video where you demonstrate your skill (We place most value on the demonstration video when we consider new memberships).
3 – We evaluate your skills and you will get notified on whether or not you get accepted.


As member you will then have earned the right to use the logo on your website as a token of your competence and skill.


Our team consists of laid back people with years of hypnosis and NLP background.

Over the years we have found that there is a tendency for major organizations to put more weight on the quality of the members education place, rather than the quality of the members skill. We do it the other way around – we want to give gifted and talented hypnotists an organization and group to lean on, that has approved their skills.